Quanum Outlaw 270 (less than 6 months old) WITH Devo7 Transmitter

Ladies & Gentlemen,

For sale, I have a Quanum Outlaw 270 FPV quad. It has the following features:

Motors: Multistar 2206-2150kv V2 Motors
ESC’s: 20A Afro Race
Flight Controller: CC3D with openpilot
FPV: 800tvl Camera & 200mW 5.8GHz 32 Channel transmitter
Frame: 270mm (‘QAV style’) 3mm carbon bottom 1.5mm top WITH aluminium exoskeleton
Battery: Rhino 2350mAh 4s 25c (37c burst)
Rx: Walkera RX701 devo
Props: 6x4.5" Tri-Blade
Transmitter: Walkera Devo7

This drone is less than 6 months old and the battery is less than 1 month old. This is a ready to go setup, all that is needed are FPV goggles/screen. It accommodates 6-inch props for fast smooth flight but I have found it to be agile and responsive on 5x4.5 props as well. It is the HobbyKing clone of the QAV250 and includes an aluminium exoskeleton which makes the frame rock solid. This frame can be removed to save weight although I believe it is less than 50gr and on a quad this size it does not make a big difference. This would be great for a beginner or younger pilot who is just getting into the sport because it flies smoothly enough not to be scary, whilst also being strong enough to sustain crashes without fear of breaking it. However, it is also a good starting point to build on and with the right parts and bit of tuning, a more experienced pilot could definitely turn this into a speed demon for racing. I have been using a Walkera Devo7 to fly it and it seems to have good response and range. I am prepared to sell the transmitter separately but I would prefer to sell them combined.

These quads are 170EUR new from HK, not including postage from China & Rx/Tx & Battery & FPV gear. Given how young it is I am asking 200 EUR for the whole package.


Please feel free to send me offers, I am open to negotiation or trades but I need to get rid of this QUICKLY.

Many thanks,