New Pilot in Maastricht

Hello fellow pilots!

My name is Eddie and I have just moved to the Netherlands to study at Maastricht University (please excuse my lack of Dutch therefore). I started FPV a few months ago but it was with a ready built quad and after a few bad crashes I have finally broken it beyond repair… I recently invested in a new frame, flight controller, motors etc. but I am having some real trouble getting it all working right; I was wondering if there are any seasoned pilots or clubs in the region who might be able to help me out? I haven’t found anything really online and there is only one hobbyshop in the city.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and thank you all!

Welcome Eddie! Enough skilled people here with sh*tloads of building experience willing to help you with any problems you can’t find solutions for online. Just post your problem/question somewhere on the ‘techniek’ board and you’ll surely get some help in no time! :thumbup:

No worries about the language, us Dutchies do alright in English 8) Where are you from and what are you studying?