Looking for a professional Drone racer to be my Wedding Ring Bearer

Hello, (sorry for the lack of Dutch)

My name is Quinn and I come from Ireland, I have moved to the Netherlands to marry my Dutch Fiancé on the August the 24th. I would like someone to fly my wedding rings into the event (not a church) to my best man and possibly have the video from the drone streamed to a TV.

The event would take place close to Deventer and should not take more than 30 mins of the pilots time.

I would be willing to pay the person for their time also.


How long do you plan to stay married? seems like a very dangerous manouvre…

LoL, well yes it is risky, but hence why asking a professional driver.

The setup is quite straight foward, fly up some stairs, through an open door and allow the rings to be disconnected, should be over in a few moments. What could possibly go wrong, right? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Mmm ouside should be ok…but look at this guy…he is bumping the head off the bride… :wtf:

To be quite honest: Flying above crowds of people with a drone built for speed (not stability) with no safety features whatsoever sounds like a very bad plan. Any professional racer worth his salt will decline to do this with a racing drone for this very reason. Also, a racing drone is not able to tilt its cam down to get this perspective. Even a drone made for photography like a DJI used in this video can do an awful lot of damage to a person and should never be flown in this manner!

If you really want to go through with this I have a slightly safer suggestion: Drop the “streaming video” requirement and get a tiny drone like a CX-10 to deliver the rings to your hand. It is small enough not to be able to seriously hurt bystanders and can probably carry the rings and land onto your hand. If you can get a couple of pilots you could even deliver each ring separately (a black and a pink CX-10 for example).

Point taken, thanks for the advise!

I only thought of asking here as although I did ask for a professional that was perhaps the wrong terms to use. I was suggested that you guys who race drones would have much better control over their devices than say your average Joe.

Nedless to say I wouldn’t have thought that a ‘racing drone’ would be the best choice of device to deliver the package.


It sound to me that it is a rather easy task to accomplish although you can’t afford a failure of the aircraft, for that reason alone I refuse to fly around people at a close distance with my flying meat grinder.

No matter how much control you have of your aircraft you can not predict a failure.

[member=989]all0gIc[/member] Yes, we are much more used to manually control all aspects of our crafts because there is no such thing as altitude or position hold on our racing crafts. Still, no amount of skill can fully exclude an equipment failure, in which case 4-10" blades spinning at ridiculous speeds will start maiming your guests.

The CX-10 has blades of barely a centimeter made of softer plastic. Can still cause a nasty papercut but will not chop off complete fingers/hands.

Youtube has more examples showing why this is a bad idea.
This one is famous : https://youtu.be/ocqB6_y71xE

Your honeymoon should be somewhere exotic, not the ER.