Frsky XSR + XJT Binding Problems

Lads and Ladies,

I recently upgraded my Radio transmitter and receiver to a Frsky XSR and a Turnigy 9XR Pro with a Frsky XJT module.
Unfortunately, they do not seem to want to bind to one another and I have no idea why…

The XSR only shows a SOLID green and red light when I connect it to a power source and hold down the bind button, otherwise if I just plug it in the red light flashes. The manual says that during binding there should be a flashing red light and a solid green light but I have tried many times and I cannot get this combination; only solid green and red lights together and no binding.

From what I have found out, there could be some software/firmware issues between the module and the XSR with the D16_EU; however, this doesn’t explain why the XSR doesn’t seem able to enter binding mode when I press the button before and during connecting it to a power source.

Any help would be very very much appreciated!


Hi, the flashing red light means that binding was successful. So if yours does not flash it did not bind. Red and Green solid is binding mode

I am having this same issue with mine, I have the Taranis X9 lite transmitter and it will not enter binding mode either, it just sits there with solid red and green lights. If you have found out a fix or if you have any clue as to what might be causing this please reply. I got this as my first drone and now I am not even able to do anything with it.