een Naze32 killer ???

Ik kwam deze tegen .
zat op de quad (alien)waar Boris filmpje van posten .

die is niet zo duur als die 70,80 euro versie van F3 ff naam kwijt
deze is stukje goedkoper .

heeft iemand daar wat info over?
persoonlijke info ?
is het wat ?
is het een naze32 killer ???

Er zijn meerdere F3 bordjes te koop. De Tornado is er Ă©Ă©n van. Er zijn zelfs al F4 bordjes geloof ik.

Ha vet, nooit gedacht voor zon prijs!

Hehehe… Cheapest one so far… Banggood CC3D with resoldered F3 chip :)))

One HUGE plus is the SPI bus for GYRO and FLASH chips ;))) Till now i think only COLIBRY does that :wink:

Following your comments on the Betaflight topic… great job on the CC3D!

HAha what? The pinout is the same?

Well… Almost. F3 has few pins with new functions, but most of the changes are inside the chip.
I had to make my own target for that, but hey… It works on 180us looptime, bit noisy, but i dont have Boris experience in filtering… I just messing around with garbage quad i build for it. :slight_smile:

The good thing, CC3D is one of the board with SPI support for the gyro. It does make huge performance boost in communication to it… All new boards it seems (except colibry) is using old i2c bus for that… Have no idea why - most likely just a commercial trick to get next even better version :wink: In fact, it took me 8 hours to get new HEX running from scratch on CC3D board ;))) All code is there, thanks to all contributors :wink:

Thanks man… Well, i cant do it on my own, and couldn’t get attention there :wink: It flies well enough, but i am not yet happy with the results. Seems 8khz update needs much more filtering… Well… I put it for now to 1000hz to have solid starting point :wink:

It is an interesting proof of concept for sure. It proves that these board don’t have to be that expensive as some manufactorers have us believe.

Tornado is cheap :D. I like the pololulu pins on the FC. Also 3 Full UART’s available as MSB is on VCP

Yap. thats a nice part indeed. Never used so many ports myself… max - ppm and telemetry. :wink: In fact, telemetry also not used lately… OSD covers it all… And from OSD i need RSSI and VBAT :slight_smile:

But yea, some people like to fly xmas trees ;))) I don’t get that.

Wait till you start with SBUS :smiley:

Forgot about that one :wink: Dont have any of those sbus receivers… Well… I am too slow for them man :slight_smile: