Drone SIMulation

De UK Formula-FPV Jongens hebben een SIM gemaakt http://www.dronejunkie.co.uk/formula-fpv/
ze hebben de 2 Originele Race Tracks nagebouwd van de Races (2015 BFPVRA) tot nu toe
deze Formula-FPV valt tevens onder de vlag van de F.A.I en E.R.S.A
dus de Originele Race-scores tellen mee voor de Europees kampioenschappen in September 2016


Originele Race Tracks:
Video from Formula-FPV UK

Vid from BanniUK

HI Danny and all Dutch Pilots.

Thank you for posting these videos of our Formula FPV course made into a Simulator.
We are working towards a way for pilots to practice the course before the next Formula FPV Spring Classic later this year.

We was very pleased to host you (Danny) last year and look forward to seeing you again soon. We would love to have more of your countries pilots on our race list and look forward to helping any pilots who would like to join us at the next race.

The event will be a three day event with the Friday just for pilots. We will be holding two races side by side, one pro (for Danny :slight_smile: and one sport class for novice pilots. This is the fairest way to have all pilots compete in a similar class to their skills.

I would like to take this opportunity to address something I am finding more and more of as I continue to promote Formula FPV.
There is a Dutch (i understand) group also called Formula FPV I spoke to the director (he was quite rude) and asked him to make the distinction between our events. This it seams he has NOT done and I guess its down to me. Formula FPV London is NOT associated with the Dutch version. Rant over :slight_smile:

I hope you guys enjoy the videos and please let me know your thoughts.
Happy flying
Jem Little
Formula FPV

Hii Jem aka The REAL FormulaFPV :slight_smile:

Welcome on the Dutch FPV Race Forum m8 !!!

Thx for the invite for the next Race in the UK … always a Pleasure to Race with you guys
had a lot of FUN last year in Brighton - UK
tobad i had some technical Problems in the semi’s … but who cares thats Racing

your Sim looks very very cool !!!
i like the way its very Non-Animation :thumbup:
and you guys design the Official Race-Courses of the UK … GREAT JOB

and yes … there are some Formula-FPV look-a-likes
but they don’t even come close to your Great Events and Passion m8
so don’t worry about them :slight_smile: they are not a member from the EuropeanRotorSportAssociation (ERSA)
i know what you mean … its not Cool if they use ‘your’ name
but heyy … thats the Price of being POPULAR ;D

Danny Metall

But where can we find this sim Danny ? Or is it just a sim they use at there events so pilots can learn the track ?

You can fly our real world track simulations at the major 2016 events we attend and within our ‘FPV Event Personal’ package (early 2016).

Will it be a real sim we can buy or use in the future ?

i Think they still working on it …
Pilots from the UK give them still Feedback (for the best realistic Feeling)

maybe we need to ask this [member=663]FormulaFPV.London[/member] :wink: