130mm lisam 3s 4000kv FPV quad

Now, I am selling this one to be able to KISS my THUG220

Its ready to bing and fly with X4R-SB on board. Small enough for indoors but fast enough for outdoors (where I would actually fly it exclusively).
So parts:
Lisam 130mm FPV frame (BG) with pdb and extra pololu to feed FC. I replaced stock silly standoffs with proper 3mm ones and solid bolts. The stock arrangement has a silly pass trough bolt which does not even work well.
CC3D atom met betaflight
RCX 1105-4000kv motors 1 spare with damaged cable (for parts)
Eachine 10a BLHeli escs with 1 new extra
FPV CMOS pico cam
X4R-SB with sbus, depinned and shrinked
ET200 VTX modded to have a directly soldered RHCP antena, SMA socket and plug took way too much place.
10 sets of 3020 props - they are very durable so that will last a long time
1x 460mah 3s nano-tec
3x 360mah 3s nano-tec

Its very light and fairly quiet. It is sub 170g with the battery. It has enough speed to have fun outdoors and with the new RotorX quad T props should have even more punch.

Ideal for someone with Taranis and FPV gear. If its not taranis I can give discount from my 160 EUR asking price and drop X4R-SB.



Any chance I can pry a few sets of those props out of your hands?

I ordered them from Banggood yesterday but since I broke my (second) last one tonight I am grounded for who knows how long…

Edit: I just noticed the “gone” part